Homemade cured ham croquettes. 4 pieces
Carrot hummus aromatized with cumin seeds. Server with pita bread (veg, vegan)
Smoked salmon roll filled with dill cream cheese, mango purée and sprouts
Zamburiñas (black scallops) au gratin with coral air


Kumato salad with balsamic vinaigrette, fresh burrata
Tuna “tataki” with cofit wild mushrooms
Our Caesar salad with Ibizan free-range chicken, accompanied by anchovy and garlic croûtons
Grilled green asparagus with parmesan shavings aromatized with sage oil
Creamy goat cheese on beetroot tartare, mixed lettuce bouquet with pear slices and alnut and lime vinaigrette
Hand-cut fillet “steak tartare”, purple potato chips and confit egg yolk

Fish Dishes

Turbo filled on sauted wild mushrooms with mustard cream and broccoli sponge
Sea bass supreme, “ratatouille” timbale, mint and cinnamon couscous
Steamed salmon marinated with miso, sweetcorn cake and wakame seaweeds
Cod loin ligthy salted, rocket and potato cream with purple basil oil

To be shared

Acorn fed “Pedroches” Iberico ham with crystal bread and grated tomato
Mixed cheese platter, with pears, apples, pecan nuts
Camembert in our village bread, served hot with homemade pear compote
Foie “demicuit” with “xarecas” (Ibizan figs aromatized with thyme) and crispy toast

Pasta and Risotto

Special seasonal fish, seafood ragoût mushrooms lasagna with oyster air
Capellini with spicy sauted tiger prawns and “sofrit de tomaquet”(fried tomato sauce)
Asian style rice noodles with vegetables
Spinach, qual and foie cream risotto
Panciotti filled with aubergines, escamorza cheese, olive oil emulsion, sundried tomatoes and black olives(veg)
Red curry green tagliatelles with sauted king crab, ginger flavouring, garlic, chili and lime

Meat Dishes

Prime Rib Steack “Black Angus” accompanied by chimichurri and chips
Rack of lamb with lemon thyme and Ibizan honey on pumpkin purée with nutmeg
Ox fillet accompanied by glaced onions and parsley root in two techniques
Boneless suckling pig cooked at low temperature, sweet potato parmentier and red Port wine reduction
Duck magret, cocoa sorbet and coffee sauce with potato gratin

Sweet Time

Sexy fruits with basil and tangerine sorbet
Crispy pineapple milefeuilles, filled with spiced pineapple and white chocolate madeleine with ginger Black chocolate dream
Black chocolate dream, with San Joan de Labritja saffron “parfait”
Strawberry and vanilla cake with “peta-zetas” and forest strawberry sorbet
Assorted cheesse platter with pears, apples and pecan nuts
Mint sponge, raspberry soup and nougat mousse (gluten free)

Sweet Wines

Oporto Taylor
Pedro Ximenez Don PX
Vi de Gel Gewurztraminer

Cafés Illy

Latte Macchiato
Irish Coffe
Café frappé


Chai, Mint, Darjeeling, Green, Earl grey, Camomile, Rooibos

- Cocktails -


Sangría especial cava copa
Sangría Vino Tinto copa


Copa cava brut
Aperol Spritz Aperol, cava, soda
Americano Compari, Martini rosso, soda
Negroni Compari, Martini rosso, gin
Sbagliato Compari, Martini rosso, cava
Hugo Soda,Cava,Flor de Sauco,Menta


La torreta – Gin, blue curoçao, violeta & flor de soúco mix, zumo de limón, cloro de huevo
Amaretto sour – Disaronno, azucar, zumo de limón, clara de huevo
Whisky Sour – Bourbon, azúcar, zumo de limón, clara de huevo
Bloody Mary – Vodka, zumo de tomate, zumo de limón, tabosco, salsa Perrin’s, pimienta, sal
Blue Ibiza – Vodka, blue curaçao, zumo de lima, zumo de piña
Mojito (fresa, mango, fruta de la pasión, frutos rojos) – Ron, lima, menta, soda y azúcar
Caipiroska (fresa, mango, fruta de la pasión, frutos ro|os) – Vodka, lima y azúcar
Caipirinha (fresa, mango, fruta de la pasión, frutos rojos) – Cachaça, lima y azúcar
Piña colada – Ron blanco, coco, piña
Daikiri (fresa, mango, fruta de la pasión, frutos rojos) – Ron, zumo de limón y fruto
Moscow mule – Vodka, zumo de lima y Ginger Beer
Cosmopolitan – Vodka, Cointreau, zumo de limón, zumo de arándanos
Pornstar – Vodka, vainilla, passion fruit, zumo de lima, chupito de cava

Cognac / Brandy / Armagnac / Calvados

(60ml Brandy + mixer)

Remy Martin VSOP (Cognac)
Carlos I (Spanish Brandy)

Pere François VS (Calvados)
Clos D’s Ducs VSOP(Armagnac)

Tequila & Mezcal

(60ml Tequila/30ml Shot)

Jose Cuervo – Especial Reposado Arete Blanco (Tequila 100% Agave)
Patron – Reposado (Tequila 100% Agove)
Casa Amigos Añejo – (Tequila 100% Agove)
Don Julio – reposado (Tequila 100% Agave)
Mezcal Ojos de Dios Joven (Mezcal)

Martinis y Margaritas

Dry Martini – Dry gin/vodka, dry vermouth, Olivas
Premium Dry Martini – Grey Goose Vodka/ Gin Mare Gin, dry vermouth
Margarita – Tequila, Cointreau, lime |uice
100% Agave Margarita – Arete Tequila (100% Agave), Cointreau, lime |uice
Premium Margarita – Casa Amigos Añejo (100% Agave), Cointreau, lime juice
Espresso Martini – Espresso, vodka, l‹aIuha, azúcar

Cocktails Alcohol Free

Mo|ito (Fresa, mango, possion fruit, frutos ro|os) – Limo, menta, soda, azúcar
Wildberry Crash – Frutos ro|os, lima, lemon soda, azúcar
Virgin Mary – Zumo de tomate, zumo de limón, Tabasco, salsa Perrin’s, sal, pimienta
Tropical frozen – Passion fruit, mango, jengibre, zumo de lima y piña

Gin & Tonics

(60ml Gin & Tonic inc.)

Beefeater – Cardamomo y lima
Tanqueray – Jengibre y twist de lima
Bombay Saphire – Enebro y cítricos
Hendricks – Pepino

Gin Mare – Tomillo, albahaca y romero
Brockmans – Mora y frambuesa
G’vine – Uvas y enebro
Martin Miller – Pimienta rosa y lima


(60ml Vodka + Mixer)

Stolicknaya (Wheat, Russia)
Grey Goose (Wheat, France)
Absolut (Wheat, Sweden)

Belvedere (Rye, Poland)
Tito’s handmade Vodka (Corn, USA) Ciroc (Grapes, France)

Whisky & Whiskey

(60ml Whisk(e) + mixer)

Jameson’s (Ireland)
Jack Daniel’s (Tennesse USA)
Bulleit Bourbon (Kentucky USA)
Bulleit Rye (Kentucky USA)


Nikka -From The Barrel (Japan)
Lagavulin – Single Malt 16 years
(Islay Scotland)
Macallan – Single Malt 12 years (Speyside Scotland)
Talisker – Single Malt 10 years (Skye Scotland)


(60ml Ron + Mixer)

Bacardi Carta Blanca (Puerto rico)
Brugal Añejo (Republica Dominicana)
Barcelo Añejo (Republica Dominicana)

Havana Club Z años (Cuba)  DiplomatlCO Reserva exclusive (Venezuela )
ZaCapa Centenario Solera 23 (Guatemala)

- Wines -

Sangria by the glass

Sangría vino tinto
Sangría de cava

Wine by the glass

Lácrima Baccus Heretat Brut Nature, DO CAVA

White wine
Afortunado, Verdejo, RUEDA
Alta Plata, Sauvigon Blanc, RUEDA
Parvus, Chardonnay. ALELLA

Rosé Wines
La Croix de Peyrasool, VIN DE PAYS

Red Wines
Trus Roble, Tempranillo, RIBERA DUERO
Ramón Bilbao Reserva, 90% Tempranillo, RIOJA
Parvus Syrah, ALELLA
Dominio de Tares “Cepas Viejas”, Mencía, BIERZO

White Wines

Afortunado, Verdejo, RUEDA Alta Plata, Sauvignon Blanc, RUEDA
Anxo, Godello, Albariño, RIBEIRO
Mar de Frades, Albariño, RIAS BAIXAS

lbizkus, Malvasia, Viura, IBIZA
Nivarius “Ed Limitada”, Viura, Maturana, RIOJA
Parvus, Chardonnay,ALELLA
Remírez de Ganuza Res., Viura y Malvasía, RIOJA
Domaine Laroche, Chardonnay, CHABLIS
Ch. de Beauregard, Chardonnay, PUILLY FUISSE
Laporte “Le Rochoy”, Sauv. Blanc, SANCERRE

Quinta Apolonia Belondrade, Verdejo, RUEDA
Martín Códax “Arousa”, Albariño, RIAS BAIXAS
Fefiñanes 1583, Albariño, RIAS BAIXAS
Campo Elíseo de Lurton, Verdejo (B), RUEDA


Lácrima Baccus Heretat Brut Nature, DO CAVA
Sumarroca Brut Reserva, DO CAVA
Mirgin Laietá Brut Nature Rosado, DO CAVA


served with fresh strawberries

Cristal Louis Roederer, Cha, Pinot Noir
Dom Perignon Vintage, Cha, Pinot Noir
Delamotte de Bienes Chardonnay
Moet Chandon Brut Cha, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meu
Drappier Rosé Brut, Pinot Noir 85

Rose Wines

La Croix de Peyrassol, Vio.Cins.Gar, V. DE PAYS
lbizkus, Monastrell, IBIZA
XF Sierra Cantabria, Temp, Gar, SB, Viura, RIOJA
Chateau Leoube, Garnacha, Syrah, PROVENCE

Red Wines

Trus Roble, Tempranillo, RIBERA DUERO
Capellanes Roble, Tempranillo, RIBERA DUERO Adaro Crianza Tempranillo, RIBERA DUERO
Viña Real Crianza, Temp, Gar, Maz, Gra, RIOJA
Lapierre “Le Beaujolais”, Gamay, BEAUJOLAIS

Viña Pedrosa, Tempranillo, RIBERA DUERO
Dominio de Tares “Cepas Viejas”, Mencía, BIERZO
Ramón Bilbao Reserva, Tempranillo, Maz,Gra, RIOJA
Contino Reserva, Tempranillo, Graciano, RIOJA
Viña Tondonia Reserva,Tempranillo, Gra RIOJA
Pedrabona, Garnacha y Cariñena, PRIORAT
Parvus Syrah, Syrah, ALELLA

Remírez de Ganuza Reserva, Temp, Viura RIOJA
Victorino, Tempranillo, TORO
San Vicente, Temprani llo, RIOJA
Tomás Postigo 3º Año, Tem, Cab, mer, mal, RIBERA
Finca Cascorrales, Tempranillo, RIBERA DUERO